A community of talented youth

About Us

We are a group of young artists, and together we are an initiative set up by Henry Kiryowa Luja trying to bring together all the young people who have left Bulamu Children’s Village, with the view of working together towards laying a foundation to enable us make it in life after coming out of the supervision of the orphanage.

Bulamu Art

Under the BULAMU ART initiative, we have managed to create
some good art-pieces in wood carvings, cloth prints paintings,
items of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, woven crafts, etc…

Support Us

Through our website and face book page (www.facebook/BulamuArt), anyone can place an order for any kind of art-piece to support our work and help us have financial freedom.

What we do

Batik Art

Fabric Designs/Prints

Wall Hangings

Wooden Picture Frames


Drawings & Paintings

African Art

Screen Prints

Screen Prints